Discounts for regular customers!

Everyone who opens an account in the store will be able to benefit from a permanent discount, depending on the sum of all purchases. After exceeding the subsequent thresholds, further amounts of discounts will appear. The accumulated purchase does not include delivery costs.


> 500 PLN - 5% discount

> 1000 PLN- 7.5% discount

> 1200 PLN - 10% discount

The discount system also covers all existing customers who have already made purchases from their accounts.

October 22, 2020

PayPal payments

It is possible to pay via PayPal in both PLN and EUR.

When paying in EUR, the "PayPal" option appears directly in the payment phase.

When paying in PLN, select "Przelewy24", then "Inne", then "PayPal".

December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019

Shipping costs abroad

Information particularly important for buyers from outside Poland, where the delivery cost is definitely higher.

1. At the beginning, buyers from outside Poland see the delivery cost, which is the proper cost for delivery in Poland. The actual delivery cost for foreign customers appears when you enter the delivery address (country).

2. The delivery times for traditional postal parcels are very long and in extreme cases they can take SEVERAL DOZEN days. Priority shipments are delivered faster, but they are more expensive and it often happens that the delivery cost is several times higher than the price of the order itself.

Therefore, for orders up to 2 kg, we offer shipping in the form of an international GLOBAL Expres letter.

List of countries and territories and estimated time of service: >> CHECK HERE <<

Country days
Australia 22
Austria 5
Belgium 5
Brazil 13
Canada 13
Croatia 7
Cyprus 6
Denmark 5
Estonia 5
Finland 5
France 7
Germany 6
Great Britain 6
Greece 8
Hong Kong 8
Hungary 5
Iceland 6
Ireland 5
Israel 10
Italy 7
Japan 13
Latvia 5
Lithuania 5
Luxembourg 5
Malaysia 8
Malta 5
Netherlands 5
New Zealand 20
Norway 6
People's Republic of China 20
Portugal 7
Serbia 12
Singapore 8
Slovakia 5
Slovenia 5
South Africa 14
South Korea 11
Spain 8
Sweden 5
Switzerland 5
Thailand 13
Turkey 12
United States of America 13


December 20, 2019

Laser cutting of individual projects

Making manualy a grating for a sailing ship in 1: 100 scale can take many hours. Cutting out with a sharp knife / scalpel many small parts from thick cardboard can be very difficult and tiring.

If you need very specific, individual cardboard parts that can be laser cut more easily and precisely - contact us. Submit drawings and we will see what can be done. We can handle most vector graphics files such as * .cdr, * .ai, * .dxf, * .3dm etc. The project must be yours, so we will not accept orders that violate the copyrights of other people or publishing houses and, of course, Your copyrights are protected and we will not use your work . The price depends on the complexity of the project.