Wydawnictwo "Seahorse" Tomasz Weremko

Wólka Tanewska, ul Tobyłka 4

37-410 Ulanów

tel. 727 451 054

e-mail: kontakt@seahorse.pl



"Seahorse" is the author's publishing house of Tomasz Weremko, author of sailing ship models published in recent years in cooperation with WAK Publishing House and Modelarswo Okretowe. The effect of several years of experience in designing and gluing old ships is the desire to provide modelers not only with "known and liked" sailing ships, the world-wide famous "Victories and Santa Marias", but also less common vessels, sometimes smaller, but charming and unusual, which can also be a great decoration of the collection. Smaller models of sailing ships are also a chance for those modelers who have not yet tried their hand at shipbuilding, for fear of complicated and "mysterious" rigging. Our models can also be a great starting material for shipbuilders who do their work in wood.

Modelers for Modelers - we are open to your suggestions and opinions regarding published models. In our plans are primarily sailing ships from the 15th and 18th centuries, and if there are special ones that you would like to build, please contact us at wydawnictwo@seahorse.pl or on our Facebook page.


We wish you successful building!